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"What is more important than knowledge, asked the mind. Seeing and caring with the heart, answered the soul." Another person goes on to say... "this quote is the epitome of what life is all about. You can have all sorts of knowledge about all sorts of things, but if you don't care and you don't see other human beings as human kind then knowledge is not worth anything." ~ Author Unknown


Our video and audio section is to provide you with additional informative information from credible sources. These organizations and various health care practitioners will offer you more in-depth information on the topic of overcoming addictions and mental/emotional struggles utilizing the same holistic approach we believe is possible. you may also see that some of the video/audio selections are from various people and organizations such as farmers talking about how your overall health is impacted based on the quantity and quality of the foods we consume. We will also be including videos centered on The Seven Areas of Healing" which our program consist of.

There is no rhyme or reason as far as how the video/audio is displayed on this page, but we have made it clear what the topic of the video/audio is about.

Joel Saltins is one of the few farmers left in America who values producing a healthier choice for the American people. It has been scientifically validated that consuming free range/pastured animal products; such as meats, dairy, and eggs provide omega -3s, antioxidants including beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E, and so many more healthier benefits than commercialized farming products. In addition there are no added hormones, antibodies, not fed GMO feed, no nitrites, no nitrates, no arsenic, no by-product foodstuffs. There are affordable ways to consume this type of animal food products. Please check out our resource page. To watch a short video about Joel's farm, simply click(5 mins) Natural Faming: Inspiring Passionate Stewards.     

Addictions come in all sorts of forms and food addiction is a serious problem in our country. Sugar is one of the main culprits in producing free radical damage and it is virtually in every product we consume. Inflammation is the cause of disease states and the brain is more vulnerable to oxidative stress which leads to chronic inflammation, more so than other organs. Sugar is one of the most inflammatory products we can consume. I've often heard sugar being called the other white stuff. Sugar hits on the same receptors as cocaine. Its just  as deadly and just as addictive than cocaine. In this next video Dr. Robert Lustig describes how sugar is detrimental to ones overall health. It is an hour and a half long, but it truly is worth every minute. It does have some biochemistry in the talk, but Dr. Lustig is able to break it down in laymen terms and it is very interesting. To watch simply click(1 1/2 hrs): Sugar: The Bitter Truth! 

The next few video's are short and sweet! There is so much information available and this can all be overwhelming to those who are new at reevaluating the way they eat. However please hear me when I say to you that transitioning into a healthier lifestyle is so worth it in the end. We are here for you, to guide you and to provide as many resources and information as we can here on our site. However all of what you see here; through the resources, both written, media and what we offer through our programs and services are a tip of the ice berg. Please make sure you check out our resource, program, and service pages.

Top 10 GMO foods to avoid!(15mins)

How to Detox GMOs!(7mins)

How to Identify GMO genetically modified food at the grocery store! (3mins)



The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University is a wonderful resource. This first audio is an interview by Sandra Uesugi with the Environmental Health Service Center of Oregon State, she is interviewing Marion Nestle of New York University. Marion is a long time food advocate, she is an author of several renown books such as; What to eat: an aisle-by-aisle Guide to savvy food choices and good eating, Food politics: How the food industry influences nutrition and health, Safe Food: bacteria, biotechnology, and bioterrorism, and her lasted book is Pet Food Politics. I just finished reading Safe foods and I highly recommend this book. To listen click(11 mins): What to Eat: Personal  vs Social Responsibility 

This next audio is packed full of great info on micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Just as Dr. Bruce Aimes states, every living creature requires micronutrients to survive.Click to listen(5mins):  The Importance of Micronutrients in the Diet 


WOW! WOW! WOW! This first documentary really hit home for us. Bill Hutchinson is a twenty year veteran of the US Army. We love our military and their families. Karen's (co-founder) son is active duty, so we get the sacrifice each of them make in one way or another. Click to watch (1:50mins)  The Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry[Full Documentary] Personal note: About 1 hour and fifteen minutes into the movie, I was reminded of something that my loved one said to me. He said, but momma there is nothing wrong with my heart.... Here is the point in the movie where they talk about some of the side affects of the drugs. This whole movie struck a nerve with me, however it was when the momma and daddy talked about the loss of their youngest son that's when tears began to roll out of my eyes and down my check. The nerve of this little boy's psychiatric care providers in putting him on these drugs as being the option of choice to help him work through his daddy being gone. He was afraid that his daddy wasn't going to come home and in their attempt to help ease his anxiety the little boy was also caught up in the pharmaceutical drugs. It reminded me of a time we visited our loved one in the hospital and as we were leaving the cafeteria there were all of these little children lined up against the wall. My thoughts were how could this possibly be? They were all so young, my guess is they were between the ages of 6-12 years old.

Click to go to our service page: THERE IS HOPE!!!

When I first watch this film several years ago I was once again blown away of the lies so many are being told about schizophrenia/psychosis being a lifelong disease with no hope of ever being medication free.  Take these Broken Wings: Recovery from Schizophrenia without Medication I am a strong believer of HOPE and the power of encouragement. One of the pychiatrists in the film states, "We have to carry that HOPE for them because they don't have it themselves. Robert Whitaker (Author of: Anatomy of an Epidemic), also a contributor in the film speaks of a study where 1/3 Schizophrenia patients years later had no symptoms, 1/3 had minimal symptoms and 1/3 had full blown schizophrenia, what was found in the groups is that the ones who had no symptoms had completely discontinued their medications. I share this because it is possible to recover from mental health without medications. There are other ways to recover, other than medications alone.

The Roots: part 1 by Robert Whitaker: Psychiatric Epidemic. Robert traces the discovery of medications, explains chemical lobotomy, dopamine theory and to many dopamine receptors (don't know if it's due to the disease or the medications. He states, There is a natural capacity in nature to recover from an illness and the pharmaceutical interventions has to beat that natural capacity to recover.

The Scope of the Epidemic: Part 2 by Robert Whitaker Psychiatric Epidemic May 14, 2004.  Robert does an excellent job of explaining the crisis in psychiatry. He speaks of Tardive Dyskinesia and discusses several studies in relation to schizophrenia outcomes in developing countries and developed countries.


The movies we are making available here are also FREE on youtube.

Seeds of Death! (1:20) Gary Null

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives... There is a $3.99 charge to rent the movie on youtube now. (Dr. Jeffrey M. Smith). Great movie!