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Nutritional Wisdom....

"I found one of the problems with traditional programs for treating substance abuse is that they generally take a "one-size-fits-all" approach. For example: the assumption seems to say all alcoholics have the same "disease," and therefore they should all be treated using the same drugs and counseling techniques. Nothing could be further from the truth. The biochemistry underlying your substance abuse problem is unique to your body. In fact, I've ordered in-depth biochemical profile tests for thousands of patients, I've never found two that were alike. You can accurately say that biochemistry is as unique as a fingerprint."

                                                                                                                              ~ Dr Charles Gant (End your Addiction Now)


If you can imagine there is so much information available. This resource page is here to provide you with sources that can help you begin your healthy lifestyle adventure. If you know of any resources that we do not have listed here, please take a few minutes and share them with us by going to our contact us page.

These sites are packed full of more wonderful information, however there are some who offer a national/Canada data base so you can search to find local companies, farms, etc to purchase from.

Food choices:

Grass fed food choices

Farm To Table Delivery (This one is only local to SC)

Local Farms  (Search local farms near where you live)

Pick your own from a farm near you

Find a local organic store near you

Weston A Price Foundation

Environmental Working Group

Citizens for Health

Institute for Responsible Technology

CostcoThis one you're going to have to trust me on, because some of their products are not on the website. My sister lives in Hawaii and I live in South Carolina and she is the one who told me about the organic meats at costco. I say this because the price in SC is exactly the same as it is in Hawaii. One example is ground organic grass fed beef is $20.29 for 3.40 pounds of beef. That equates to $5.97/ 1.5% tax included.

Addiction and Mental Health Advocates and support Organizations:

Safe Harbor: Integrative Guide to the World of Alternative Mental Health

Alliance for Addictions Solutions

CERI (Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute)

Our Elegant Minds this link is to their fundraiser. They are raising money to build an on-line community. We encourage you to bless them with a donation so they will be able to provide support to those through an on-line forum. One thing I've learned about some people who are struggling is that sometimes it is easier for them to express themselves through an on-line forum. Therefore this campaign is a very important one.

Healing Without Hurting

We will be adding more resources later - make sure you check back. If you know of any resources please feel free to send a message through our contact us page.

Recommended Social Media pages:

Break the Stigma Revolution is a closed FB site for those individuals and their parents who struggle with addictions and mental/emotional health. This is a med free, alternative approach to healing the spirit, soul, and body. We use a Christ centered and functional medicine approach

Astounding Victory Over Intoxicating Drugsis an open FB site for anyone to join.

Understanding Schizophrenia  this is a site that one of my friends manages. It is a closed site so you or a loved one has to have a mental health struggle. Jason's insight to this disease is incredible. I learn something from him and the group members daily.

Families living With Schizophrenia Love this group too. It is a supportive, caring, and loving group of people. This is a closed group too. Carole is the mother of a son who has mental health struggle. 


Affiliate Programs:

We've been entrepreneurs since 2001 and through the years we have learned the value of diversification. Therefore, we will always look for opportunities to help support our non-profit. We have partnered with a few companies whose values align with our values and ones we believe are the most healthy and beneficial products and services for our clients and supporters. Thank you for considering putting your money in these places in effort to help A.V.O.I.D., and to also provide the best products and services for your family as well. Simply click icons below and learn how these products and services may benefit you and your family.