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1).        This is the research link. Click on the blue sometimes red diagnoses to start. Then go down and you will see the info for    

            children and other various studies Do not order from this site. The product cost more.  http://www.truehope.com/research.html


2).        This is my website for the foundational product - Q96. www.drhutch.myqsciences.com   Keep in mind the Q96 and empower     

            plus is one in the same.

            By signing up as a Preferred Customer: 

           1. Product cost less

           2. You can earn FREE products

           3. You get your own website to share with others

           4. Becoming a preferred customer through my site will allow you to sign up for the third party nutrition consultation with a trained 

               nutritional coach for medication reduction and/or elimination as well as proper dosage of the Q96. See Consult website below: #4

             I've spoken to them personally regarding my loved one and found their knowledge to be impressive. In addition, its important to

             know, they have found this product to work so well that many have had to reduce and/or eliminate their pharmaceuticals.

             The person may become over medicated. The third party is trained in this area and will discuss any changes with your doctor if 

             necessary.    www.drhutch.myqsciences.com


3).        Testimonial link: 
            www.youtube.com (search Empowerplus Q96 for testimonials)

            If you do not see your diagnosis I would also try searching for Q96 and/or empower plus and psychosis and/or SZ, for example.

            Click picture below to for one powerful testimonial dating back 20+ years of the daughter of the founder of TrueHope and Q Sciences



           Dr. Julia Rucklidge is a Research Psychologist and is one of the researchers for the Q96 products. Click below to listen to a short 18

           minute video TED talk regarding nutrition and mental health and our children. The Q96 products is only one very important piece to the

           puzzle of getting to the root cause(s) of mental traumas. There are genetic factors, gut-brain concerns, biochemical imbalances, Food  

           sensitive's, hormones, thyroid, hypoglycemia, pyrrole disorder, MTHFR, CNVs, etc... Our services at A.V.O.I.D., is in place to provide

           help in these areas. We are equipped to offer the required testing to uncover a number of related issues, such as gut integrity, nutritional

           imbalances, pyrrole disorder, thyroid, neurotransmitters, and many more possibilities. Please feel free to contact us by visiting our  

           Contact Us Page   

4).       Q Science offers a third party nutritional support system through Micronutrient Support. The best and most affordable way to utilize

            these services is to go onto my website www.drhutch.myqsciences.com  and sign up as a preferred customer. This basically requires 

            you to commit to an automatic monthly shipping. No max or minimum required and can be discontinued at anytime. By becoming a

            preferred customer you will be able to utilize the services of the support coach who is trained to help with tapering in the reduction

            and/or elimination of pharmaceutical medications, should you wish to do so. This service is provided only to those who are using 

            the Q Science products. The cost for this service is a low price at only $35.00 for an entire year. Simply sign up as preferred 

            customer first to beign. You can talk to a real live person and the service comes with access to software on the following

            website where you are able to track your progress.     https://www.micronutrientsupport.com/